♡ゆめ みーちゃんっ!(ショコラミント)
♡ちろ ちろる (ロリポップパープル)
♡ちょこ れいと (クレイジーピンク)
♡しお そると (ソルティーホワイト)


Candye♡Syrup, The legendary beauty salon in Harajuku owned by IKU is known for its work on flashy hairstyle for numerous artists, idols and musicians.  
IKU is also known as the producer for the idol group Candye♡Syrup, he had welcomed four new members to start the second phase of the group.

The members are Yume Miichan (Chocolat-Mint), Chiro Chiroru (Lolipop-Purple),  Choco Reito (Crazy-Pink) and Sio Salt (Salty White)  [from left to right]

Candye♡Syrup was born again to destroy the boundary between the kids and Idol Otaku by mixing the fairy cute world and superb brutal musical elements.