メンバーは、相咲舞 (マーメイドブルー)、のん(メルティーブラック)、稚杏ころも (ミルキーパープル)、天使さぁや (エンジェルホワイト)の4人編成。


Candye♡Syrup, The legendary beauty salon in Harajuku owned by IKU is known for its work on flashy hairstyle for numerous talents, idols and musicians.
This time IKU has decided to launch a totally brand new idol group named Candye♡Syrup which is produced by himself. 

The group is composed of four members, Mai Aisaki (Mermaid Blue), Non (Melty Black), Colomo Chian (Milky Purple), and Saaya Amatsuka (Angel White)

Candye♡Syrup was born to destroy the boundary between the kids and Idol Otaku by mixing the fairy cute world and superb brutal musical elements.